Counselling therapy

The counselling psychologist
Counselling psychologists undergo six years of rigorous academic training. The training encompasses psychological theory, research and supervised practice in clinical placements. Counselling psychologists can provide assessments in addition to talking therapies with clients experiencing a range of problems.

Objective in therapy
Counselling psychology may be defined as the most broadly based applied psychological specialty, studying a variety of models including social, cognitive, abnormal and developmental psychology.

Given counselling psychologists have a psychological background, their interventions are based on research which enables them to provide a preventative and consultancy-structured approach. They are familiar with a number of theoretical approaches and can be flexible and adaptable to different clients’ needs.

We listen, explore and clarify whilst applying psychological techniques and interventions. Emphasis is placed on well-being rather than sickness and maladjustment. Instead of concentrating on symptoms and appropriate cures, the concerns in counselling psychology are those of the whole person, in all areas of functioning, across the life-span.